live. fate loves the fearless.


  • Sep092016

    You Always Say Yes to Swimming with Sharks

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  • Jun082016

    Why are You Doing That?

    What makes a good workout?

    Workout programming, whether it’s for a gym, a competition, or for something more specific -…

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  • Apr302016

    Time and a Place

    Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to the world famous Coachella Music Festival – and it was…

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  • Apr262016

    Evolve Project: Boxing

    Part 3 of Evolve Project took me to the boxing gym. I actually didn’t plan this one out as…

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  • Apr192016

    No Matter What

    Keep moving.  No matter what. Since 2011 I have had 3 surgeries.  All 3 were very different.  I was...

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  • Apr122016

    Purpose – Goals (Not the Bieber Song)

    Here we go guys – we’re going in deep. My friend and Working Against Gravity nutrition consultant, Adee Zukier,...

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  • Apr052016

    I Only Look Like This Because I Have Good Genetics…

    I only look like this because I have crazy genetics. It’s true. Ask Instagram and they will tell you….

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  • Feb062016

    live. fate loves the fearless. How CrossFit saved my life.

    POST WRITTEN JULY 29, 2012 For years I have said that CrossFit has changed my life! I have said...

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