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Workout Week 8/14-8/21

Workout Week 8/14-8/21
August 21, 2016 miranda
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I’ve been meaning to start doing this for a while.  Both to serve as a logbook for myself, but to also show anyone who is curious EXACTLY what I am doing.  The important part isn’t necessarily what I am doing, but that I give 100% of what I have that day with each one.  Feel free to give some of the workouts a try!

Sun – August 14 –

Every 20 seconds for 10 Min:

1 Power Clean – used 145

Definitely could have gone heavier, but had a long day at the seminar before and was sharing a bar.

4 x 3 min Mitts (boxing) session.  1 min rest between.

This is super tiring actually


Mon – August 15 –



Tues – August 16 –

500 Meter swim in my pool, with no push off the sides.

I am a terrible swimmer, was testing this to see what the best call would be for the VA Games coming up.

Later –


Odd: 20/15 Cal Row

Even: 15 Power Clean 95/65

Rest 3 Min


ODD: 16/12 Cal Bike

Even: 15 Wall Ball


Wednesday – Aug 17 –

5 x 2 Power Snatch + Full Snatch tap and go

Worked up to 145!

For Time

3 Rounds

Run 400

21 Power Snatch 75/55

12 Handstand Push Ups



Thursday – August 18 –

Class at CrossFit Costa Mesa

For Time

10 Muscle Ups

Run 200

10 Strict Dips

8 Muscle Ups

Run 200

8 Strict Dips….6,4,2

11:32 (I think)


Friday – August 19 –

Run 2 Miles for Time


Was planning on doing more this day but also had birthday festivities to get ready for.


Saturday – August 20 –

Food Poisoning Day!

Woke up in the middle of the night super sick and was basically throwing up all night long!


Sunday – August 21 –

Feeling better this day, but still hadn’t really eaten so took another day off.