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New Jackie PR!

New Jackie PR!
August 1, 2016 miranda
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Jackie – One of my all time favorite workouts.  Why?  Because one of my most memorable moments in CrossFit competitions happened when I surprised everyone – mostly myself – by winning this event at the 2013 Regionals just 11 months after breaking my hand and my neck in the car wreck!   My time then was 6:13.  Today, 3 years later, without nearly as much training or as much focus on competing I surprised myself again by hitting a new PR after being coerced into giving it a shot during regular class at CrossFit Costa Mesa.  New PR?  6:07



For Time

Row 1000 Meters

50 Thrusters 45/35

30 Pull Ups

Video that CrossFit put out from the 2013 Regionals!

  • Daniel Whittaker

    Love it Miranda!

    I hope to do “Jackie” some time. As a student I am cash strapped and so, Unaffiliated (no rower access), and have not ramped up to faster kipping or butterfly PUs yet (always strict for now). Something to look forward to.

    I am new to CF (<6 months) but have decades of other fitness (track, USMC, powerlifting, bodybuilding, life-fitness [<<–made that last one up], etc) and I love that you are just coerced/jumping in to a workout and achieved a PR.

    I was thinking about CF the other day and how there are so many "fun" looking WODs and so little time. For you, I wonder how it is, being very competitive and deep in CF for more than 8 years. (I happened to read your "16.1" post, so I have some context on my thoughts.)

    For me, as a newbie, all these opportunities to test myself with/against myself over time and also see what is possible in the scores of others is exciting. I was a trainer, became a physiologist (B.S. in exercise science and bioscience) and was an optimal performance and a life-fitness coach before heading back to school for my PhD in physiology (still at UCLA working on that), all because (among other goals) I feel that this type of personal challenge is missing for too many people and I want to create a change/opportunity.

    I have met many people who are not as healthy or vibrant or vital as they want to be. I see possibilities to reach these people, to create a campaign to capture their interest and fulfill their want/need to be getting better as humans.

    It seems to me that Crossfit is ramping up the expertise of it's trainers and the community, that Crossfit is positioning itself to be one place that can fulfill this role.

    The future looks bright!