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Evolve Project: Boxing

Evolve Project: Boxing
April 26, 2016 miranda

Where: Training Zone – OC
Coach/Instructor/Teacher: Jonathon Brown
Most Fun Part: Punching stuff. Honestly, it makes you feel like such a bad ass.
Most Difficult Element: Staying focused and being able to execute the combos when fatigued.
Who Would Love It: Anyone who loves training hard and learning new skills.
Will I Continue to Do It: I will and I have. I go every Tuesday, and I am thinking about adding another day.

Part 3 of Evolve Project took me to the boxing gym. I actually didn’t plan this one out as much as I was introduced to it organically. My boss at Progenex, Paul Gomez, had been going to boxing for a while. He knew what I had been up to with my desire to branch out and dragged me in one day. At first I just attended a few classes, until Jonny saw me and offered to teach me some technique stuff one on one.

I have been hooked for about the past 6 weeks. I love the new skills that I am learning. It’s a really great and super hard workout and I feel like it’s a great stress and anxiety releaser as well.

Find a gym, get some gloves and get after it. You will have such a good time.

Check out Jonny on IG: @jonnytzoneoc

  • Dad

    Yo, Adrian . . .

    Ya know, I don’t mind you gettin’ into this boxin’ thing, so long as ya don’t get in so deep that ya start talkin’ like Rocky Balboa and lookin’ like Gene Fullmer.

    Love ya sweetheart!!

  • Keresha Hubbard

    Awesome!! You are such a phenomenal and inspirational athlete! I am convinced you could excel at any sport you choose. I have been boxing for a few years, and I still don’t have the speed, coordination and power you seem to have developed in just a short while. Have you considered training for competitive boxing yet?? It’s hard to imagine another woman currently fighting who could match your athleticism, so you’d be a nightmare with thorough training and confidence :-O

    Another note: I saw your performance in competition some time ago where your vertical jump, broad jump, and 40-yd times were GREAT, and the fact that you hadn’t even trained specifically to optimize them left me in awe of your potential!! No single performance set a record, but your overall athleticism has got to be among the best in the world…you definitely have the potential of an Olympic Heptathlete. (BTW: There were a few other women who seemed to have similar potential). Have you considered trying for your best numbers…max vertical, max broad jump, best 40 time?? Also, have you considered competing in any other sports than Crossfit? Crossfit is an amazing sport and a really good test of will, but all the athletic abilities and tools you specifically have developed would translate so well into so many other sports that could benefit you even more financially. Just a thought…

    Sorry for all of the questions, but I am really in awe of you and your accomplishments and achievements, and you truly inspire me.

    Thanks so much,

  • Awesome ! Thanks