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Purpose – Goals (Not the Bieber Song)

Purpose – Goals (Not the Bieber Song)
April 12, 2016 miranda

Here we go guys – we’re going in deep.

My friend and Working Against Gravity nutrition consultant, Adee Zukier, is always pushing me outside of my comfort zone with so much more than what I eat.  In her program, it is important that her clients understand their goals and motivations.

I have spoken a few times about setting goals in past posts as well.  I also know that the discussion of “finding your why” has come up a lot lately.  Khalipa has been talking about it forever.

Adee sent me a kind of worksheet to go through to take all of that even deeper.  Full disclosure, I have only briefly looked at this thing.  But, as usual, I have no problem making some of my thoughts and journeys in my own life public if it’s to help others.

I can’t promise that I will put my deepest answers here, but I am going to post what she sent me and my responses to each portion.  I am not really posting this so that people can read my answers anyway. I encourage anyone, regardless of what your fitness goals are to dive into this and share YOUR ANSWERS with a loved one – or keep it to yourself.  Just take a moment to answer each portion and be honest with yourself about each one.  A lot of clarity and peace can come from exercises like this one.

Question is in bold.  Instructions are normal.  My responses are in italic.

Ask Yourself:

Where am I right now? What is my “why”?
– In no less than six responses, write down the key motivating factors for starting this journey.

I am in a complete transitional period in literally every area of my life.  About 1 year ago everything in my life started to change with a huge explosion in July.  It has been the most difficult year of my life, but I am finally coming out of the mess.  My “why” is to learn from past mistakes to improve my life going forward.  To learn to be a more balanced person so that I can be a better friend, lover, coworker, leader, and any other role that life throws at me.  Learn to be more balanced so I can be a better me FOR ME as well, more peace – more joy. Simplify. Learn. Grow. (I think that was more than 6.)

groupphotoWhat is my life’s purpose?
– If you have never asked yourself this question I strongly encourage you to take time with your journal and just start writing. This response can have as much or as little structure as you please, allow your mind to take the lead. You might surprise yourself!

If you would have told me when I was younger that I would turn out to be some sort of role model for strength and perseverance I would have thought you were high.  I have always been a very hard worker.  I have always been a very busy, hyper self-critical, perfectionist, overachiever.  But for most of my life I was severely lacking in coping skills.  If something went wrong – I would melt.  CrossFit as a physical challenge was the first thing that taught me “the fight”.  The training and the need to push through discomfort and mental/emotional barriers in order to be successful flipped a switch in me.

For whatever reason, I found CrossFit early, and got to be on the seminar staff early.  I competed early and was featured in videos which gave me a voice.  Since then, life has given me many opportunities to show just how resilient I had become.  I never set out to be any sort of leader or role model – and I don’t really see myself as that at all.  I don’t have nearly the athletic achievements as so many other women in our community – and I would never claim to.  But, I do know that I have an opportunity and a responsibility to do as much good as possible with the voice that I do have.

If my life’s experiences, good and bad, can help other people – if I can be real and put myself out there in a non-slutty (sorry but it’s true) positive and fun light in the fitness community – and that encourages other people to do the same, then I want to do that.  If talking about my neck, and my knee, and my chaotic life can make people feel a sense of comfort for what they are going through – then I will continue to do just that.  I want to encourage others to be fearless and to overcome.

I am sure this is where I should be putting any sort of faith/religious beliefs that I have.  It’s not that I don’t have any – but for me that is more of a personal thing and not something I will dive into on the blog.

– Make a list of your main priorities and be sure to link them back to your “why” and purpose.
– Number these priorities in order of importance.
– Review these priorities and assess how much of your attention and energy is actually going towards the things that matter most.
– Refer back to your “why” and purpose.
– Ask yourself, “Does my current lifestyle reflect and support my main motivations, purpose, and priorities?”
If not, let’s start this journey with a commitment to change that, now!

Main Priorities-

1 – My family.  My man.  My friends.  My dogs.

2 – Doing a good job with the opportunities I have in my career, not for monetary gain but because I am truly passionate about each endeavor.  Success would equal encouraging people to move, to be healthy and to have FUN training and being physical in and out of the gym.

3- Training and nutrition – for health – for fitness – to look good – in that order.

(Was that one supposed to have more things?)

girlsflexWhere do I want to be? What does the future look like and feel like?
– Spend some time thinking about and visualizing the future, be as descriptive as possible.
– Write down this description. It should include, but is not limited to, the activities you will be doing, the outfits you will wear, the emotions you will feel, the energy levels you will have, the people that will be around you.

I want to find a place where I can be satisfied with all areas of my life (as a crazy perfectionist this is a tall order).  I want to find balance.  I want to be successful and have fun at work.  I want to find peace with a less intensive training schedule and figure out what I need to change to make sure I am still satisfied with my level of fitness and how I look.  When I am ready, I want to be able to do all of that SECOND to being a better wife and mom someday.  This is something I have struggled with in the past and scared the crap out of me as well.

Really I want 4 things….balance, adventure, love and peace.

– Write down three things you will adhere to on this journey that are not negotiable.
For example:
“It is not negotiable that I will sleep a minimum of 6 hours a day.”
“It is not negotiable that I will eat breakfast every day.”
“It is not negotiable that I will speak only kind words.”
Put this list somewhere that you can view it each day.

It is non negotiable that I will train 5-6 days a week in some capacity.

It is non negotiable that I will always be real and portray who I am in everything I do.

It is non negotiable that I will continue to grow and learn.

It is non negotiable that I will not become a psycho about my training or eating ever again.

It is non negotiable that I will say yes to new challenges and new adventures.

It is non negotiable that I will continue to put 100% into what I do day in and day out.

It is non negotiable that I will start taking better care of myself and what I need.

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    Awesome post! Great read!

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    Loved this!! Such an inspiration

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    Your writing skills have a special kind of delivery. Reading the blog posts feels like having a one on one conversation. Very well done, keep doing your thing !

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    This is an awesome post??
    defiantly a good read and very thought provoking!

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    Needed something like this to read!!! I’ve been so negative lately. ?Thank you!!

  • Viv

    That got me speechless, not by your answers, which are reflected by your life and personality( that everyone, including me love), but by the fact that I couldn’t answer oneee of those questions, and lost I feel right now.
    Last year was the worst of my life and I came out of it feeling stronger for sure, but I kind of thought I had things figured out and knew what I wanted, up until now!
    Thank you so much for sharing and getting us to this point where I am, cause I am seriously gonna start thinking and answering those questions. I see how it can help me!
    Thank u

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    I only got halfway your post and my head is already full of ideas and answers of my own to the questions you share with us (have to finish some work first though). That’s how much you inspire. Your humility is humbling. (If that means anything…) I’ll keep the other half for those last quiet 15min of the day, thinking what I can do to be a fraction of you to someone else, starting with a fresh feeling tomorrow. Thank you already for all your future posts.

  • Sherrie Fazzio

    Love you Miranda! You are an amazing, strong, kind, thoughtful, helpful, encouraging, sincere, sweet person! I felt that in the first few minutes we talked, the first time I met you. As I have seen you periodically through the years, and we have briefly spoken, you have exhibited those same traits 🙂 ! I appreciate your transparency in this post and am going to use this in my own life as well! Kept fighting the good fight in all areas of your life-take care my friend ?

  • Really interesting and motivating, Thanks for sharing your thoughts…

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    Thanks a bunch for this. Great read. I have a surgery coming up that will limit my heavy lifting for a week or two. I’m going to go crazy. Any ideas in the meantime?

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