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Flashback Friday: Training with Team NorCal 2015

Flashback Friday: Training with Team NorCal 2015
April 8, 2016 miranda

Love this video and these people. Seeing this stuff will ALWAYS fires me up to train.

Thank you to Flo Elite for putting this together right before the CrossFit Games last year.


2015 NorCal CrossFit Games Team:

Jason Khalipa        Molly Vollmer

Alex Rollin             Miranda Oldroyd

Pat Barber             Jen Zambruno

Nick Zambruno     Cheryl Licon


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  • CPerez


  • CPerez

    I never thought fitness of this level existed
    It’s exciting to watch
    Would like to try something like this

  • Abigail

    Hi, Miranda!! My name is Abigail. I wondered if you had an advice or a few words of wisdom for me. I’m competing in my very first competition next weekend. I’m super nervous and a little scared. What do you do to get your head in the game? Thanks!!

    • Miranda Oldroyd

      Seriously, try your best to have fun and take it one workout at a time! Good luck!

  • Maureen Brennan

    Any chance you would be open to a training session of a newbie CF’er? I split my time between NorCal and SoCal and will be down your way end of this month.

    Would love to discuss emotional side of CF too. I really miss a community and haven’t found it yet with CF.