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Evolve Project: Yoga

Evolve Project: Yoga
March 22, 2016 miranda

Anything You Can Do Project: Yoga

Where: Ra Yoga Studio, Costa Mesa California

Coach/Instructor/Teacher: Mandy Marie

Most Fun Part: Seeing improvement in balance and ability to focus.

Most Difficult Element: Balance and staying focused. Ha ha.

Who Would Love It: Anyone IF you find a great studio and have the right mind set.

Will I Continue to Do It:  I will and I have.  I try to go at least once a week now for about 6 weeks.


Part two of the Anything You Can Do Project – and I felt like Yoga had to be the next stop.  The type of training that I have been doing for the past 9 years has made me a little tight.  Sure, a lot of the movements require a great deal of mobility and flexibility to perform and I do roll out and stretch out on my own…but I’ll be honest – I hate doing that stuff.

The other reason I wanted to try out yoga is because I knew that the stillness and focus that is required is something that I don’t have a lot of in my busy life.  In my work I am very busy.  I am either coaching, on the computer, or training – moving a million miles a minute.  I had been through A LOT in my personal life through the past 12 months and I felt like the meditative aspect to yoga was really important for me to find.

I had done yoga before a few times here and there.  And, truth be told, I actually did yoga at a different studio here in Costa Mesa that I wasn’t stoked on.  I knew I needed to find a studio and an instructor that made me excited to get into class.  That was going to be a tall order.

Ra Yoga is a locally owned studio with a REALLY cool vibe.  They have 2 locations and I was introduced to Mandy through a mutual friend who knew about my project and my goals to find the best coaches around in all of the different fitness mediums.  I wanted to find the yoga version of me.

Mandy is hilarious.  She is a yogi, but she is loud and she is funny and constantly swearing during class.  She immediately hugged me and told me all about her life with no filter on our first meeting.  During my first class she was playing rap music and telling us to use our “f*cking obliques”.  Bottom line – she is awesome and she makes me want to to do yoga more than I even have time for.

Mandy teaches mostly a strength yoga type class, which I have loved.  I have also gone to a few hot “vinyasa flow” classes which are more about the poses that you would typically picture in yoga. I really love the hot classes the most for some odd reason.  I feel almost like sweating that much cleanses me.  Ra is great because they have something for everyone, and all of their instructors are individuals who you can really feel that they love what they do.

If you have ever even considered hitting up a yoga class, you should definitely try it and commit to going at least 3-4 times before deciding if you like it or not.  Try a couple of different types of classes and studios to see what suits you the best.  

Oh, and you are a CrossFitter like me – don’t be shocked when you look in the mirror in the locker room or the studio and realize that you look like a GIANT next to the long time yogis. It came as quite a shock to me when I caught my first glimpse! You’ve been warned!!!


  • Holly Alcorn

    I have been so intrigued by you since I started CF 3 years ago. I actually got a chance to meet you when I took the L1 at the ranch this past August. I was so star struck, it was crazy! Lol
    I just wanted to say good for you girl! This is what life is all about. Experiencing all of these new things and finding these new peices of yourself that you never knew existed. I think your awesome and I’m loving following this journey you’re on.

    I wish I lived closer to that yoga studio too?