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Evolve Project: Salsa

Evolve Project: Salsa
March 8, 2016 chanson

Anything You Can Do Project : Salsa Dancing

Where : Herzog Dance Studios, Van Nuys, CA

Coach/Instructor/Teacher: Dimitri and Babette

Most Fun Part: Feeling girly

Most Difficult Element: Learning to not be so stiff

Who Would Love it: Anyone who has ever loved to dance or has ever wanted to.  It’s an amazingly fun way to get out   with your man/woman and move without being covered in sweat and chalk.

Will I Continue to Do It: Absolutely.  This has also made me want to reach out and find other types of dance classes too!


As part of my desire to reach out of the regular CrossFit gym this year I reached out to Dimitri and Babette of Herzog Dance Studios to teach me to Salsa as a secret Valentines Day surprise for Julian.  Julian had taken me salsa dancing on one of our first dates.  He has been a huge inspiration to me to start this quest of trying new things as he had been taking salsa lessons, and loving it…not mention doing really well at it, for a while.

Although I had grown up dancing and participating in high school cheer, as well as some dance groups even after high school, it had been a while since I had really tried to “learn” or “practice” dance in a studio setting.  The most difficult thing was learning to relax, to not be so stiff and to just let Dimitri lead me.

At Herzog they focus on teaching all types of ballroom and insisted I learn to Fox Trot, Tango, Cha-Cha, and a few others each time I came in.  After a few lessons and a complete crash course in Julian’s actual salsa routine it was REALLY fun to surprise him and finally be able to dance with him.

I highly highly recommend getting out there and trying this with a significant other, a group of friends, or even on your own.  Of course it’s awkward at first…so is anything, but it is so much fun and such a cool skill to have in your back pocket.